Girls from Orchard Tower in Singapore

I decided to go to Orchard Towers tonight after work and after dinner. Interesting place. I learned a lot about the escort industry and prostitution in Asia. Singapore prostitution seems much safer and cleaner than in the US, but I doubt the pay is as good. The first place I went was filled with about 30 chubby Pilipino moms. I was the only male in the room. I went inside anyway because I wanted to see what that was like. I walked up to the bar, and ordered my usual a Vodka Crank. Three chubby Pilipino moms with pear shaped bodies and boobies the size of basketballs came over and stood WAY too close to me while I drank. Delightfully awkward. So, I grilled them about their lives. They were Pilipino came through Malaysia because it’s easier to get a Visa to work in Singapore. Singapore is MUCH safer and profitable to work in than Malaysia. They weren’t hookers, they were entertainers (so they claimed). Their job was to get me to buy them drinks for which they received $5 per drink. They lived as roommates across town. Very poor. They are supporting their families back in the Philippines (they each had 1 kid each but they were reluctant to talk about their families). According to them, Pilipino girls speak better English than Thai or Chinese girls and that’s why they are desirable for entertainers. They wanted me to buy then each a $20 drink. I told them I’d buy one drink and they’d have to share. I did this and then left. They were disappointed but put no pressure on me to stay or spend more money like I thought they might. The second place was outRAGEOUS. Lots of supermodel looking gals in there. I walked past them all and went to the bar to order my usual. 12 girls lined up in front of me and one of them instructed me that I had to choose one girl to talk to and to fuck. I picked the one that I thought was the most shockingly sexy. She looked like a magazine supermodel; fair skin, big round eyes, banging body. Really really gorgeous. She was Vietnamese and had kind of a low nasally voice that I found very irritating. She was VERY flirtatious and forward with me; rubbing on me, shoving her breasts into my body, rubbing and grabbing my crutch with her hand, etc. I interviewed her for about 20-min before I told her I wasn’t interested. According to her story, her name was Annie and she works as a model back in Viet Nam. She told me that she was on the cover of Maxim magazine back in October last year. I checked and verified that this was in fact not the case. She said that her modeling agency got her the job in this establishment and that there were many agencies that recruited girls from many different countries to work in this bar. She said she’d let me take her photo in a bikini for $150, but no nudity. She makes $5 per drink in this bar and wants really bad to go back to the visitor’s hotel rooms for $250 for a massage or a blow or to have sex with her or whatever. 2 hours. She pays $50 back to the bar whenever she leaves with a visitor. I bought her tequila. I told her that I had heard stories about transvestite males in this complex and she told me that she was not a man. I asked her to prove it, and after a brief inspection I verified that she was in fact female. The interview ran its course after she asked me for the third time if I was going to take her back to my hotel. The first two times I said that I was still thinking about it. The third time I told her that it wasn’t going to happen. She asked me to give her a tip, so I pulled out $10. Before I gave it to her I asked what I could get for $10 and she gave me a great big hug and a smooch on the neck. She was very friendly and not mean or rude at all. I was getting kind of tired and broke by the time I reached the third bar. This was a bar with a live band and featuring Russian pole-dancing girls. They charged $15 at the door for a drink coupon that you could use inside. OK. Vodka cran. I hadn’t had a chance to listen to a live band yet in Singapore so I was excited to see what happened here. It was an OK house band; not too terribly outrageous but entertaining enough for me. Soon enough a young woman sat down next to me and tried to speak English, but she didn’t understand too many words so it was a very brief chat. She seemed cute and nice but she didn’t understand my questions and the music was so loud we couldn’t really talk anyway. They were definitely not as forward as the other bars. OK, I got super tired and left for home. Conclusion: if you want to blow through a hundred bucks without blinking, this is the place to visit. It’s good for some laughs and some interesting experiences. If you want to pay for sex for some reason then I think this is probably just about the best place in the world to do it. It seems kinda crazy to hire a prostitute but they were all really nice here and I’d recommend stopping by for whatever experience you want to have. Prostitution mostly makes me sad because the gals doing it feel desperate and this is the only way for them to make their way in the messed up world. It isn’t sexy to me, but that’s just me. I’d rather just have a decent conversation and give them some cash and go on my way. But I don’t think most guys are like that; otherwise there wouldn’t be a sex industry as big as it obviously is.

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